Live Every Moment. Laugh Every Day. Love Beyond Measure

Life is too short for mediocre love! Let's face it, everyday life can be complicated and hectic, but finding love doesn't have to be. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to find love. Breathe, relax and simply enjoy the process. We all want bliss, romance, and truth. Don't settle and never give up, because love is truly out there for everyone. And most of all, remember to love more, worry less, and the rest will follow.

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Love can be complicated. I had my fair share of disapointments, but I never let that close my mind, or heart, to new possibilities. Online dating can be a bit much at times, but you have to learn to relax and live a little. I knew love was out there for me, and not just a filler love - a deep, committed love. When we met, it was literally the moment of all moments - it was like we knew each other forever. I trusted my intuition; when my gut said, give this a chance, I listened. When it's right, it's right, you just simply know. This time around I was willing to show the good, bad, and everything in between. No more tip-toeing around what I really wanted for the future. I was upfront and honest. It seemed from the first moment we met that there was a click, two lifelong mates, feeling oddly familiar and already acquainted. This has been the first time a relationship flowed so effortlessly for me; we share common interests, goals, and ideals, we couldn't be better suited. We are happy to be exploring our lives together and are looking forward to what the future will bring. ​

Believe in Love...Always

"Never Regret Anything In Life. If It's Good, Great! If It's Bad, It's Experience!"

Be happy in love and everything will fall into place. We all deserve to fall in love with someone who cares, communicates, and understands us. A partner who helps, guides, and provides support, through thick and thin. We desire to fall in love with someone who misses us and wants to be with us, always. Don't settle for less than what's a perfect fit for your heart. Keep love simple, keep love sweet. Walk each day with light and love in your heart, and happiness will always follow.

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Live life to the Fullest, Because it Only Happens Once!

Set Your Boundaries

Know what you want, what you don't, and where you are flexible. Do not compromise on your essentials.

Don't Overcomplicate

No one ever said dating was simple. It's work. Just be patient, be kind, and just be yourself every time.

Don't Live in Fear

You’ll never know until you try. Fear can keep us from pursuing life, especially risky endeavors of the heart.

Be Authentic

In order to really get to know a person, it’s crucial that you are exactly who you are. Be confident and stay true to your heart.

Stay Calm. Just Breathe.

Let your guard down. Get to know one another on a deeper level, or you won't be able to figure out if you’re a good match.

Stick with Intuition

If someone wants you, if they like you, they'll never leave you guessing. They'll make time for you. If they don't, take the hint and keep moving.

Overcoming Obstacles

Don't live in the past, don't compare past lovers. Without being all in and giving a relationship an honest try, it may never progress.

Timing is Everything

Every opportunity is a chance to learn a lesson. No matter if it's good or bad. Go with the flow. If things don't work out, you just know better for next time.